Virtual Reality

Digital evolution


HOW? This well-known pharmaceutical multinational has always known that developing effective drugs is its GOAL, the speed to bring them to market, THE SOLUTION, and a professional and adaptable sales network, THE ONLY WAY.


To facilitate this adaptation to the new environment and promote DIGITAL EVOLUTION, at Psicosoft we designed and implemented a development itinerary aimed at the more than 200 commercial network professionals (Regional Managers, Sales Managers and Representatives), as well as, for the functions accompanying them in the challenge. During this 4-month programme, the professionals had the opportunity to:

– Experience a 100% digital environment with gamified virtual reality, and become aware of their strengths to respond to new demands,

– Establish a multi-channel action strategy to help its customers and share best practices with colleagues from different regions in virtual sessions,

– Discover the intrapersonal keys for successful performance in complex and uncertain times, with the Masterclasses to enhance the management of limiting beliefs, emotional intelligence, proactivity and self-motivation.


All of this was in combination with an individual support programme for Managers to support them in their role as leaders of this transformation.

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