Escape Room Online

The intellectual challenge as greater motivation

The online escape room is a gamified solution that tries to bring the experience of a physical escape room into a virtual environment. The participants face different puzzles they have to solve to access the contents. Each puzzle solved gets you points to position yourself in the final ranking.


This container promotes learning by discovery and makes the content to be transmitted attractive.

How the Escape Room in the company works

Examples of the use of online escape rooms are onboarding programmes, as training for sales policies or models or to assess knowledge.

Simple, proven gamification

In each room of the online Escape room, the sequence is always the same: introduction to the leading characters in the story, solving puzzles and, finally, visualisation of the course contents via video, podcasts and interactive elements.

Storytelling promotes engagement

We take great care of the story, the characters, the scenarios and the puzzles to get participants hooked and make the learning go smoothly.

Online or remote channel

The Escape room can be used through an online learning platform (LMS) or as a support resource in a convention, meeting or remote webinar training.

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