The consumption of online contents as if they were series, one after another

Netflex is a solution based on Netflix’s user experience (UX) where audiovisual resources (videos or podcasts) play a major role.


This high-impact Container makes learning engaging, easy and motivating.

How Netflex works in the company

You can use Netflex to raise awareness for change projects, in commercial training programmes or communicate processes, for example.

Participant experience is essential

As in the famous streaming platform, Netflex lets you organise the contents by seasons, checking their duration and the level of progress and the type of resources used; you also have the option of marking them as favourites to create your own list.

Audiovisual resources facilitate the assimilation of content

We propose fiction series to the simulation of interviews between professionals or videos of experts.

Practical and applicable solution

The format and resources used make it easy for the contents to be transferred in an accessible, realistic and practical way.

Companies that have trusted our Netflex methodology

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