Games of Strategy

We use games of strategy to assess and develop strategic thinking and social-emotional skills; empowering individuals and teams to deal with the dynamic demands of the modern economy in smarter, more tenacious ways.

This immersive evaluation experience is possible thanks to the use of AI tools and data analytics that provide adaptive feedback for the participants; in short, a valuable experience.

At the core of methodology of games of strategy is the idea that games create a fun and engaging experience, leading to strong intrinsic motivation. Game-based assessment provides effective simulation of a wide range of cognitive and emotional challenges, which accurately reflect the ability to cope with these challenges in real life.

A powerful engine of AI

Games of strategy test thinking skills in a fast, engaging and effective way. Their development through Artificial Intelligence means they can be adapted with maximum flexibility to the capacity of each participant, identifying patterns of behaviour and reasoning and obtaining results based on them. The report contains the results of the evaluated group, where you will be able to compare the level of reasoning abilities of all individuals within the group and highlight those with a dominant thinking style, as well as obtain an individual results report for each member of the group, using smart filter devices that facilitate quick decision making.

Differences between Traditional and Game-Based Assessment

It is obvious that playing a fun digital game is more exciting and less stressful for the candidates and can lower their guard to answer more truthfully; it is difficult for participants to fake their reactions. The use of games for evaluation purposes helps recreate the real world. Also, Artificial Intelligence allows the game to be adapted to the level of each participant, so you can be sure the measure will be a complete success. By eliminating the human factor in the evaluation, you also reduce discriminatory judgments and achieve a fair comparison between candidates.


Professionals can find out their strengths and the areas to develop for skills linked to thinking, such as analytical capacity, quick thinking, flexible or strategic thinking, as well as planning and performance under pressure. The Data Centre provides real-time test results through cloud-based reporting.

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