Voice Assessment

Measurement, evaluation and anticipation with Voice Assessment

Our customers consider Voice Assessment as a solution to provide the tests and traditional cases used to measure their potential using digital technology; thus simulating their current professional environment in a more realistic fashion. 

How Voice Assessment works in the company

Under this methodology, the evaluated person interacts with a Virtual Assistant to obtain additional information to help him solve a proposed case. A different, innovative experience that both evaluation parties appreciate.

Innovative, different solutions

Incorporating these more advanced voice technologies in the Assessment Centre projects, measurement and evaluation of talent, has meant a significant leap forward when it comes to providing innovative and different solutions for our customers in terms of Employee Experience and Branding.

Voice assessment can anticipate behaviour

Our aim in guaranteeing rigour, reliability and predictive validity in these processes leads us to the creation of this type of experience. Today, we know the key to success in predicting a person's future performance is to recreate the current business environment and the daily situations tackled by the worker, using different exercises and tests. Only under these premises, will we have the opportunity to accurately observe and evaluate the behaviour of the participant when dealing with critical daily tasks and situations, and thus anticipate what he can do in the future in similar situations. Choosing, therefore, the tests to be carried out is essential to guarantee that the process includes both premises.

The coefficient of adaptability as a measurement objective

In recent years, the business world and workers have faced a scenario marked by complexity and change, in which digitisation, technology and the need to adapt quickly to unexpected events are paramount. This is the main measurement objective of Voice Assessment: the coefficient of adaptability in the new digital scenarios in which we are all immersed. The particularities of the environment, not only of the task to be carried out, must be considered in the assessment centre to guarantee that the process is indeed real. This provides candidates with different resources and tools to used, as happens in their normal working life, making them a great help in dealing with daily difficulties.

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