Flexibility, results and satisfaction at the hand of eSports

Gamification reaches companies through eSports. Flexibility, Results and Satisfaction: the 3 variables most valued by customers when selecting this option. Where professional and educational environments coincide: gamification is key to discovering and training potential. This learning methodology promotes the selection and consolidation of habits, behaviours, skills and abilities from an early stage. eSport transfers the mechanics of games to the development of skills. Under the umbrella of electronic sport, it provides customers, candidates and participants with a singularly different experience, marked by low stress rates and greater influence.

How eSport works in the company

As in traditional sport, there are different disciplines to choose from and a variety of options aimed at focusing and training a wide range of skills: from adaptation to change, influence, leadership and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Participants become members of a team and assume different roles with complementary skills. They have to work together to achieve a set goal. As in the business environment, to achieve their goal they will have to make the most of their skills and interact with others. The need to make quick decisions and the inertia of a team means the assistant is quickly involved in the exercise and acts automatically and naturally; a highly suitable scenario for observing behaviours and assimilating new concepts with increased impact and flexibility.

Total integration in the game

eSports guests are instantly integrated into the dynamics of the game. In seconds, they forget that they are in an assessment or development session. They act authentically and naturally, leaving evidence of their areas for improvement and main strengths. Knowledge of these is essential as a first step towards professional growth and self-development.

eSport reduces the level of tension inherent in these processes

"It was a different kind of session to those I had participated in; dynamic and innovative, you’re surrounded in a game environment, and it makes you appear as you really are and so you act accordingly." This is clear, from what our customers tell us: it promotes greater satisfaction among the participants.

Guaranteed results, whether remote or face-to-face

Self-knowledge, strategy, taking advantage of synergies, decision-making, collaboration, clarity of purpose, conflict, communication... it doesn't matter: either remotely or in a traditional environment. The return is immediate. The game has started and you can only win.

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