Training (face-to-face or remote)

The distance between wanting and being able shortens with training

The implementation of strategies and business development are feasible to the extent that the employees who have to make them viable are trained. Our customers see training as an accelerator to share best practices and develop skills by consolidating habits.

The value of a Training programme in a company

Once a development need is detected, our training focuses on the plan to achieve it and the benefits, beyond the objective. Thus, Psicosoft's commitment is to share all our knowledge and experience with our customers, providing the advice and techniques required in each training course to promote the growth of each employee. Training in the “how to” and enabling the environment for practice in a controlled manner, allows drawing up of an individual commitment plan transferable to the professional environment.

Simple and easy solutions to implement under proven methodologies

We have a variety of solutions aimed at personal development, business skills, management and leadership, for example, that are a collection of successful behaviours and best practices for effective performance and to promote self-discovery, by putting into play their potential to cope with the requirements of the future. Our Training solutions can be developed remotely or in person, whichever suits the particularities of the business, social situation or learning styles the best.

Self-knowledge, self-management and commitment to oneself

Taking a perspective on the individual profile, understanding how emotions work, the reactions they cause and the actions they produce, as well as discovering how to be proactive and consolidate motivation, these are personal resources worked on in some of our most demanded solutions such as "I am the key to my success" and "Self Awareness".

Training drives transformation and personal and organisational growth

"Transformational leadership in a changing environment", "Persuasive and high-impact communication", "Trust", "Negotiation" and "Keys to collaboration" have an effect on all participants, exceeding their expectations. Excellent results and equal satisfaction for those invited to the traditional "Strategic Thinking", "Analysis and Decision Making", "Personal Productivity" or "Results Orientation" programmes.

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