Learning Meeting Point (LMP)

Collaboration and gamification at a single point

The Learning Meeting Point (LMP) is based on 2 pillars: collaboration (collaboration points that improve productivity by 4%) and gamification (playful dynamics, such as activities, points and rankings; providing a positive learning experience).


The Learning Meeting Point brings together different types of activities through different channels. In short, everything we do in the project is reflected in the LMP.

How the LMP works in the company

We can use this Container to launch products, create a community to promote the development of managerial skills, or as an area for continuous training in products, processes, methodologies and compliance, for example.

Multiactivity and multichannel

We use different channels (e.g. online, face-to-face or webinar) to propose all kinds of activities that arise from co-creation with the customer (individual, group, gamified or non-gamified, with the active participation of the immediate manager, etc)

A creative approach and storytelling are key

Our goal is to provide engagement and an attractive and impressive experience.

Follow-up to make decisions

It makes it possible to compile the reflections and opinions of the participants and the results of the activities in a report. Based on the analysis of this report, a question-and-answer webinar or reinforcement activity, for example, can be carried out.

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