Virtual Reality

Imagination is coming to an end

Virtual reality helps to recreate events, stories or images in the mind of things that do not exist in reality or, if they do exist, they are not there. Through this, an environment with a real appearance is simulated where the person enters and acts making immediate decisions. Widely used in fields like medicine and security, many customers have already incorporated it into their talent evaluation and identification processes and, of course, their training itineraries.

How Virtual reality works in the company

Using virtual headsets, images, objects and situations that do not exist but seem real can be represented in the minds of employees. The employee, immersed in this alternative illusion, behaves naturally, and the organisation can observe how he acts unconsciously in the face of a given challenge, analyse his potential and train new skills.

From assumption to action

Its use helps to align mental maps. The existing gap between what the company wants to express and what the employee or appraisee thinks they imagine is reduced. In a few minutes, the person goes from assumption to action, as the leading character in an experience that identifies and/or transforms his competency profile through the implementation and repetition of various habits.

Unanimity in selection and evaluation processes

This methodology guarantees the Participant will understand the starting situation and challenge proposed; so that, based on minimal instructions, he no longer has to project, assume or imagine it. A common framework that provides equality to processes and focuses the efforts of the Participant on what is truly important: the implementation of behaviours to confront the situation.

Training in a controlled environment

Science fiction applied to training. The alternative reality provides a virtual gym to practise behaviours over and over again until proactive habits are consolidated. Putting the focus on the person, because their perception matters. Those who have been the object of this methodology agree it is a true success. It reduces stress and cortisol levels and turns the participant into a protagonist. This greater involvement, without a doubt, improves his experience.

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